My name is Jordain, I am a singer/songwriter based out of Abbotsford, BC. I first began to play the guitar when I was five, when my Grandfather gifted me my first guitar. Little did he know, in that little moment,  he would inspire me for a lifetime.

Music and the emotion that comes with it gets me up everyday, I want to share it with people when I play. I strive to extract it from the performances I give and let it shine in any piece I work on. I have been writing, recording and producing my own music since 2010. Audience engagement is what inspires me the most to keep writing and pushing myself to explore new avenues of music, as well as connecting with other Artists through collaboration, songwriting and performing.

Most recently I accompanied Kellen Saip and Ben Crosby on their 2020 tour across western Canada. My first single "My Best Memory" came out in May 2020 on the Artists in Isolation Vol.1 . My debut EP titled "Love Somebody" is out now! Listen where ever you listen to music.